You are a Southern comfort-food spot that replaced my favorite bar in Northeast Portland. You probably never had any direct involvement in the closing (it was the landlords that tripled the rent), but you did step in quickly to say that you would pay that tripled rent. Now you have the gall to run an Indiegogo campaign asking for start-up money for your brunch spot? WTF! I thought you could PAY that tripled rent? And why are you asking ME for it? I have been trying not to resent you because this isn't important and it probably isn't really your fault. You could make it easier on me by shutting up and doing the respectable thing like getting a freaking small business loan. I'd appreciate some time for my nostalgia to ebb without your goddamn antique photos and $10 coffees up in my face. Just keep your head down for a while until the sting wears off for those of us that lost an actual community watering hole (as opposed to the timed dining obstacle course that is Portland brunch). Then you can run your smug twee shit all you like.—Anonymous