I'm tired of being made to feel like a freak deserving of being feared. I'm not talking about by people. I'm talking about wildlife. Every time I encounter a squirrel, bird, raccoon, feral cat, possum, etc., they run away, and I'm heartbroken. Never mind the whole "natural instinct" thing, I get that. I'm just saying that after a lifetime of being made to feel like a FREAK, it kind of gets to you. Today two blue jays totally lost it when I walked into my backyard... the backyard in which I have fed them, and many other birds and animals, for years. They quickly flew away, all panicked like I was going to eat them. I was slightly offended and a little hurt. After all I have done for them, after the good vibes I send them, they still do not accept me. I can't imagine walking into a room full of people and having them drop everything they have and run to the door, like one of those Black Friday mobs, simply because of who I am: human.—Anonymous