You were jogging at a good clip uphill on Scholls Ferry while I waited at that yield sign to turn off of Allen. I’ve sat there many times. If you jog in the neighborhood, then you probably live nearby too and you know you can sit at that sign for a few seconds or you just might stuck waiting until the damn light turns red and then and only then can you sneak through. It’s a busy street and you know it. As you crossed Allen and got closer and closer, you kept waving me through over and over and over to clear a path for you. It was pretty damn funny and I’ll tell you why. While I admire your commitment to fitness, that Rocky-style "GETTING STRONG NOW!!" moment you were feeling while running and waving me through wasn't going to make me drive into an instant car crash no matter how many times or how forcefully you wave. That runner’s high must have turned into a real high because there was a constant stream of cars coming and no amount of arm waving was going to get me to enter the Demolition Derby and get the Malachi Crunch. It was pretty damn funny to watch and your giving my trunk a couple of shoves as you ran behind me just added to the silliness of a grown man throwing a fit because I wasn’t willing to crash my car to get out of his chosen path. You think Forrest Gump threw hissy fits like that on his run? I think not. If he did, then it was left on the cutting room floor. RUN FORREST RUN!!