Anonymous Apr 15, 2015 at 7:49 am


LOL I haven't paid it once. Fuck them. I don't even think it went to a vote. They can stick it where the sun don't shine along with their miserable attempt at a street fee. This town is FUCKED UP.
I'm fine with an arts tax but this one sucks. Flat taxes suck and having to pay one $35 tax separate from everything else sucks.
I think KATU or KGW have a story up today that breaks down where the money is going.
I have yet to receive a bill for it, which makes me pretty nervous. If they want it to get paid they should take it out of our paychecks like all of the other taxes.
Ah yes, our worthy local news stations. I am sure a story on this from them will be detailed and informative. NOT.
1. I voted against it, but it passed.

2. Pay it.

3. Organize a repeal attempt if you like.

4. Some of you make whining an art form.
I like that this letter sums up exactly how focused the opposition to the arts tax is, though.
Dodging this tax can also be a form of art.
WTF? All this time I thought it was a Farts tax. Kind of like paying for carbon emissions. Climate change and all that.
but it's for the children!!
$7.8 mil is a lot of coke and strippers.

I kind of imagine that's what Charlie Hales does all day: sign development deals and then bust another rail off some stripper's ass cheek...
Todd summed it up nicely, but props to Bullnose, as everyone obviously doesn't know the easiest way to pass a tax for select adults is to dress it up as 'for the kids'.
I haven't paid one penny of this illegal tax and still have not received anything in my name from the revenue bureau after 4 years proving how inept they are.The schools already have millions in reserve funds they could have pulled out and used for this.I wish the idiots in Portland would stop falling for this it's all for the kids crap the schools pull every single time.The exemptionsin this violate section 32 of the Oregon constitution on uniform taxation in the territorial area and it's also an illegal head tax not allowed by the Oregon constitution.
Get a real job, you pussy.
More like FARTS Tax, knowwhatimsayin??
Snagglepuss: you were talking to the babbler right above you, right?

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