You didn't want a kid, but your wife insisted on having one to be "complete"—even threatened to leave you unless you capitulated to her demands. Once she got pregnant that's all that mattered, and that's all she talked about. You may as well have been a ghost as far as she was concerned. She had the kid, a boy. Her Facebook feed became choked with pics of the "bundle of joy." Not one picture or mention of you. Fast-forward a few years and the kid has been diagnosed with autism. He breaks shit, screams all the time, abuses the animals, etc. You had to quit your job to take care of him, and your wife is never home anymore—out with her friends when not at work. She never mentions her kid in public, but she does talk shit about you. She filed for divorce last week, and doesn't want anything to do with her child. She's been seeing some dude behind your back, and says she's going to marry him and "start a new family." I'm sorry I introduced you to that woman. So very sorry.—Anonymous