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Wow. That is so sad. Watch out for any woman who demands a child this way. It will always be all about her, never you OR the child.
Someone needs to take their thumb and forfinger and flick this woman on the side of the head. Or perhaps a bit more. Good lord, I feel bad for that guy -- that woman is a psycho.

Panamaniac Dred -- Autism has been around forever, but it went by other names up till the 1980s/1990s. Another quack science urban myth gem from you: "Green Tea contains Fluoride, a substance so toxic that Federal law prohibits it from being dumped in a river, yet Shrfu would rather have me drink that, than coffee." Bullshit. Take your misinformed Jenny McCarthy comments and blow them out your ass.
Cell phones and Prozac are both toxic; each might be causing Autism, along with Cancer and perhaps a lot of other illnesses. At best they put a heavy strain on the immune system.
That is to say, taking Fluoride or Prozac during pregnancy causes miscarriages and birth defects, which might well include Autism. Cell phone use during pregnancy or around children, can cause cancer and genetic mutation, so why not Autism, as well?
I thought the comments would be loaded with misogynistic posts but instead the thread is filled with conspiracy theorist quackery about autism. Huh, didn't see that one coming. (They could be poe comments, though.)
Maybe once we stop asking every woman over 25 when she is going to have a baby or demanding reasons from women who don't want children, we won't have selfish assholes who have kids to be "complete."

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