Anonymous May 14, 2015 at 9:11 am


Fake AND banal.
I saw that Cheech and Chong film too..
Let me guess, the next line goes something like...

"... and the snozberries tasted like snozberries."
Hey sweetie, you know that Measure 91 doesn't go into effect until July, right? Check your fucking facts.

I have some more news for you...You don't play better when your high, you only think you do. One would probably have to be high to enjoy your music though.
maybe your band wouldn't suck ass so much if you didn't practice while high. it's the police's job to bust shitty bands like your's up imo
Another classic super troopers moment. I'm sure your band mates were ecstatic to watch you roll your ass off after you ate their share being a paranoid amateur. Next time keep your cool and don't scarf your stash unless you see his lights pulling you over.
Hi TheOnlySanePersonInTheWorld, sweetie, check your fucking facts please.…
Karma Police, perhaps?
I wolfed down a whole pound of prosciutto once because I was being followed by the pigs. (Yes, they were actual pigs. I swear. It wasn't just the acid.)
Are you the mandolin player for The Mecklems? I mean the LEAD mandolin player?
There's a new, no trespassing sign for Wa'ahila Ridge, only the pigs up there like Pakalolo and open cans of Spam with their tusks.
The song should have been aborted.
And would you believe that little boy, with the terrible judgment and crap lyric writing skills...grew up to be Trey Anastasio? No joke!
You know what this post (and every I,Anon post from the beginning of history to the end of time) reminds me of?

Havvai'i and PSU police brutality.
Irrespective of Top Commentators ranking, Rick always reminds me of number two.
^ Dred, you're slipping buddy. You forgot to not-so-delicately weave the topics of Havvai'i and PSU police brutality into your comment. Hell, you didn't even bring up weed. You feeling ok?

And trust me, nobody here views me a "Top Commenter."
Butt, everybody here knows number two when they smell it.
^ You've definitely got shit on the brain Dred. Sounds like you're probably eating too much Kahlua Pork and macaroni salad out there in Havvai'i.
Say what you will about me, Butt, but to speak of the islands' finest fare, in the same post as excrement is the height of bad taste.
^ Like Barry White said Dred, "too much of anything ain't good for ya baby."

I think I totally blew the Havvai'i experience when I was there in 2013. Looks like I shoulda laid out on the beach mashing out comments on I,Anon about being in Havvai'i, PSU police brutality, and weed.

I'll get it right next time, I swear!!!
Tourists don't realize that sewage is dumped into the ocean at Waikiki at night, and is so polluted that it isn't safe to eat the fish from within a hundred miles of the islands. Even the Hammerhead Sharks are endangered. That's not even counting the radiation level due to Fukushima, which just, keeps rising. The hotels all need fresh paint, and there is an epidemic of bedbugs. University of Havvai'i Safety Patrollers, issue trespass citations to tourists, to drive them back to Waikiki where they are expected to be confined. This might actually in fact be for public safety, as many beaches on Oahu are actually in fact, Superfund sites. Don't visit Oahy. Try a nice resort on Maui. The State requests that you not go to parks on Kauai, as they have become garbage dumps, with no one employed to remove the trash. AlllooOO0OOoow-hA!!!

Coming In To Los Angeles
Oahu is a bad place for tourists, but it's a good place to live, as long as you are independently wealthy, and stay out of the ocean and Waikiki.
Lead is what killed both Bruce and Brandon Lee; two good reasons to avoid that heavy metal. Which might lend credence for Zeppelin to use the spelling, "Led."

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