DEAR GUY OCCUPYING PORN-ROOM VIEWING BOOTH: Sorry I screamed when we opened the door to the booth and saw you there, making a beckoning gesture to come in. We did not expect the booth to be occupied and were just trying to find a nonconventional place to celebrate New Year's. But we didn't realize the establishment we went to was almost exclusively filled with glory holes. (I'd only had one other visit to such booths with a partner, and this establishment was quite different from its competitors.) Also, apologies to the guy who was waiting to stick himself through the hole attached to our booth. We just wanted to watch porn without any other members joining us. We acted like we were in a haunted house, but we didn't mean to shame you. Hopefully you each found some other people to enjoy the ball drop with since we didn't join you. Apologies for our ignorance and lack of etiquette.—Anonymous