Anonymous Feb 6, 2016 at 9:36 am


Call the Abandoned Auto hotline to ask your questions:…

Unfortunately, if the vehicle is on private property… you might be out of luck. The codes really apply to the public right-of-way, but who knows?
It's fuckin' Mad Max time, the Apocalypse, RUN! don't walk, get out of Irvington while you still can, before those hellbillies skin you alive and sell your meat to a food cart.
This sounds like a troll/joke. Messy car parked in driveway is legal, right? Loud music when they leave and come home, means coming from the car, right? So it's not abandoned. Friends past 10PM??? No way. New owner is on the HOA board and has written 28 letters about this car? Get your meds in order.
Well you sound like you have something hard and stiff up your ass. You just moved here and bought a house in Irvington? You must be a rich bitch.

How dare there be renters in your neighborhood!! How dare they have a vehicle that doesn't work in their driveway!! How dare they have friends over past 10 p.m.!!!

How about you give those poor saps some of your money so they can fix the car? How about you mind your own fucking business about what time their friends come over. How about you pull that thick piece of rebar out of your ass and lighten up a little. Mind your own damn business while you're at it.

Better yet, please sell your house and get the fuck out of Portland. You are the reason Portland sucks now and why no one can afford to rent or buy here - except rich yuppies such as yourself.
settle down gang this is totally fake
They have friends over after 9:00pm and 10:00pm.
Your feeling unsafe? Renters, oh my God. You have filed a report once a day for 4 weeks? You did not mention where you moved here from? You have lived a sheltered life.
I/A, you need to relax. No one wants to do you in. Glad you have enough to buy a house. As for me and wife and 2 kids, were used to police yelling for people to open their doors, arrest at 5:00am in the morning before the school bus comes. Our messy neighbors really have yours beat.
The worst part about living next door to such riff raff is when you've run out of space in the driveway for your third Audi but there's nowhere to park on the street thanks to these rowdies leaving their hunks of junk all willy nilly, hither and yon on the block, especially when you're in a rush to get inside to pair some fine wines and cheeses and take some "me time" after a long day of shopping. After all, we are not savages!
i know this is bullshit. that said, if it was for real, my message would be this: get cancer, fuckhead.
This is either fake or someone mistook I, Anonymous for Nextdoor...
fakers gonna fake
ain't no HOA in Irvington
As if there have been any homes for sale in Irvington for years. Fuckers.
Troll post.... I'm guessing the renter is jobless and decided to write this post based off looks he's or she's received from neighbors.

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