Anonymous Feb 16, 2016 at 11:09 am


If it's an Audi, the turn signal probably doesn't work, those things are the worst cars in terms of reliability.
No it is TOTALLY FUCKING YOU and no one else. Just you.
Just you dipshit.
You know how import car owners like to tuck a big Euro-style license plate under the pokey USAian one just to remind us all that their car came from (and by that I mean designed and partially assembled in) Germany (for the North American market)? Well, yesterday I saw one of those on a Chevy Cavalier. I chuckled.

Audi owners are the same breed as BMW owners, but with an even deeper streak of insecurity about status and image. They've got something to prove to the beemer guys, and don't you forget it! Look how good they are at tailgating and insisting that the left lane is for going 20+ over. Basic people shit, really. See y'all at Dave n' Busters this weekend.
Not as bad as Washington truck drivers. You play video games and work at Best Buy. You don't need a fucking truck!
Shitty drivers drive all kinds of cars.
PIOUS drivers, I mean Prius drivers are the worst.
And any bicyclists too, especially dumbass Dixie riders are the worst too.
"Smart" car drivers too, for picking a vehicle to drive that is only good for driving just down the street, while arrogantly claiming their drivers are smart....
Etc etc
An Audi driver who is also a vegan, now that is something I could hate!

But seriously, the electronics *are* shite.
I would pass you on the right, and I drive a 2000 Ford Focus. Maybe you should get the fuck out of the way?

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