Anonymous Feb 16, 2016 at 11:08 am


You had me until you used "sheeple" in a sentence.
How does cadmium in my lunch prove a New Seasons in the neighborhood is not progress? "I told you all those new apartments without parking were a bad idea, and the huge earthquake that we are about to experience will prove me right and you wrong!"
Still wrong, grandpa. Looks like Portland has continued to pass your by and leave your whiny ass in the dust. Might be time to start thinking about a relocation?
It's like 10,000 spoons, when all you need is a knife.
Oh shit, I thought this happy guy moved away years ago.
I would suggest trying Ashland, or Eugene even.
So you missed being slammed down? Well you've come back to the right place, you pusillanimous purveyor of codswallopian cacodoxy!
I used to be all bitter but then I bought a house east of 82nd. Now I cheer every little bit of development news like a bloodthirsty savage: Fuck your food cart pod! Fuck your dive bar! Fuck your shitty rental house! It means nothing to me now and by the time my area gets "nice" I'll be too old to care and eager to cash out. Later, suckers!
3 years ago we were already tired of these complaints. We are still tired of them. In fact, we are exponentially more tired of these complaints with every passing year.
Another Tool mad about renting not buying a home when they had the opportunity. Zillow update - home just increased another $300!
Gotta be honest, I'd rather buy artisinal charcuterie than an 8 ball on N. Williams.
Will nobody think of the hookers?!
You're still wrong.
I would take Zillow prices with a grain of salt.
^ Just like anyone should take your stupid comments asswipe.
I know what you mean. I came down here 5 years ago from Seattle and said,"They're whoring out PDX just like they did Seattle. That Moda center shit. The fluoride vote. Electronic payment on the transit. Trimet has been a major pimp. Portland your awesome publications tried desperately tried to warn of what was about to happen. Some of us people from Seattle San Fran and LA believed we had found the promised land, we are horrified at this. Seattle has always been a bit of ugly whore, but God no! Not the good people (I mean real not goody goody ) of PDX. Because we know this all leads to HELL. I'm so sorry about your town. I love you.
The house I rent a room in is in forclousure. I'm sick of running from gentrification. I'll be moving to a farm. But I may just stay and be homeless for part of the summer to help build homeless camps. I'm a carpenter. And the homeless are this cities responsibility and an ace up it's sleeve. Love you bye bye
Holy the old ghost of Ricky Stevens (a.k.a. my cute little groupie / fan boy)? I kind of missed you, Ricky. I am glad that you and your mother were able to get back into a place with internet access.
Same old JTR with the same old unoriginal schtick. Trust me when I say that nobody has missed you loser.
Anyone who flees Seattle for Portland is an idiot.

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