I, Anonymous Feb 17, 2016 at 5:00 pm

Live! Tonight! Shut Up!


Yes, agree!!! Well, stated IA, well stated. So fucking annoying.
100% agreed, thanx!
This is an old, tired complaint that's been made a hundred times.

And the only thing that really sucks about it is that it's just as relevant the 100th time. Especially at the Doug Fir.
Just as bad as the people who try to view concerts through their phones/ipads.
I've just begun to notice this at shows. I feel like it never used to happen. Very annoying and disrespectful.
Quit going to bars to watch shows. People drink and talk at bars. And if you look at why the theater became so successful, the ability to drink and talk during performances was definitely a part of it. Stay at home and listen to pandora if you want quiet. If you want to come out and be social at a show, be social, don't be whiny.
That goes for people who sing along loudly. I paid to hear THEM, not you, dickhead.
@Ryan Fitzpatrick.....sure, we can all just quit going to bars to watch shows....just as soon as the bands decide to stop playing at bars. or the bars decide to stop hiring bands to play there. but in the meantime, that's where lots of bands play. So, what? we all just have to suffer because of some inconsiderate d-bags who can't shut their mouths for just an hour or two out of their whole damned day?!

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