On behalf of all normal sane white people everywhere, I am so sincerely sorry. Unfortunately for all its quote unquote "progressiveness", Portland is still one of the most racially unequal cities around. All I can say to you and your beautiful wife and child is hold your head up high, one day those dinosaurs will die.
It's not because you're colored, it's because of those stupid gauges in your ears. Dork.
That brought a tear to my eye, auerillius. You self hating pussy.
DONT WORRY MAN I LIVED IN HARLEM FOR A LITTLE BIT AND I HARDLY THOUGHT ABOUT RACE. But in Portland I can't help but sometimes doubletake when I see a dark face among the waves of white. SO it's not so much that you're black, it's just because you're DIFFERENT. OK THAT PROBABLY DOESN'T MAKE IT ANY BETTER
Perhaps you forgot to mention that you also constantly wear a giant foam cowboy, clown shoes and a t shirt made out of airhorns that won't stop blowing. It can be distracting.
"People of color" is too broad to really mean much in this day and age. People in the US act a whole lot different around black males than they do around an old Chinese lady. It's not really "people of color" who a large portion of US society freaks out about(except for someone who might be a Muslim or Mexican immigrant), it's black men.
I feel the same way when I walk around town with loose fitting jeans.
If you dress in a sophisticated manner that might be why they are staring. We are not used to people who dress well here, regardless of race. And if your kids are clean, well dressed, and polite people may wonder if you came from Mars.
"You people" ....I see what you did there.
Holy shit, you guys just pounded the fuck out of this IA. All he said was stop freaking out about multiracial couples, and you all dive on him like sharks on chum. As a Portlander who grew up in New York City, I am amazed how all these progressives freak out when they see a color that's one shade darker than tan. The truth is too many people see color and class before they see a human being. Grow up people this shouldn't even be an issue in 2016. And JTR,I'm sorry I hit a nerve. For you to call me a self-hating pussy proves that you are currently curled up in the fetal position watching Do the Right Thing. Either that or you were looking in the mirror when you wrote that.
They’re air heads. Really too much time and privilege so they spend it bauking at normal humans cause white privilege has rotted their brains like their skin that lice feed on.Also they’re robotic grafted imbeciles who weren’t taught manners as a child cause their parents were narcissistic and only cared about themselves

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