Anonymous Feb 21, 2016 at 5:30 pm


Those folks will be just fine, but you, aside from being an asshole, have to learn to take care of yourself, like an adult.
Claude VAMDALIZE those fuckers! Your rent will be much cheaper, your food will be free, and you won't have to work. On the down shot, your new room mate will likely rape and steal from you on the regular. Your choice! Toodles! :)
I doubt you'll get around to it.
IA, learn how to put in a furnace, or learn how to do concrete work, or learn how to be an electrician, a framer, cabinets?, learn how to build a trail, learn how to fix a ski lift......... ....
So I am also born in Oregon, and I know a few homeless people, every single last one of them is homeless for one reason and one reason only: wait for it... Drugs. If you really have no where to stay it is because you have burned the bridges with all your family and friends because you are blowing any money you do have on drugs. I wish that there were more options for treating your addiction but be honest it isn't anyone's fault that you are homeless other than your own.
How the hell did their car get in their swimming pool?
Cool! I am so totally into homeless drug addicts who are willing to stand up for the counterculture. This city needs more heroes like you and your backpacks and your bandanas and your pit bulls.
Anon, if you were motivated enough to do all that stuff, you could have been motivated enough to do something to not end up homeless--but you weren't and you probably still aren't, so I doubt you're going to do shit.
Ohhh, a sophisticated/homeless/likely drug-addicted anti-gentrification robot sent back from the future to cure Portland of its current plague? I've been waiting quite some time for this.
Besides, not even crackheads smoke crack anymore. They mostly have switched to crank.
Damn, I thought that was a brand new, sterile needle.
Hey native, don't get mad at the people who are doing exactly what your crack head Mother did (besides the crack). People moving to this city for a better life is great for everyone. Hey maybe with all the Transplants moving in, the school systems will improve? I mean, most people moving into the city are educated. Sorry you're homeless. How about moving to a place you can afford? You know it's ok to leave the womb. Or go back to school and get your G.E.D. Plus, using "native" to describe your white cracker ass is a little offensive to the true natives that occupied this land before us.
I wish I was still living in the Portland of Drugstore Cowboy, when you could actually burglarize a pharmacy.
He began to moan and bitch, because he got high.

He was gonna destroy the rich, but then he got high.

He's an angry, homeless loser, and I know why, hey heyyyyy....
You fuckwit. You didn't grow up here. If you did, you would know that no one in Portland has a swimming pool.

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