Anonymous Feb 22, 2016 at 2:36 pm


If we elect President Trump you will be thanking this benevolent dog walker, as filled dog poop bags will be the new US currency.
Dogs shit like 3-5x a day. The Oregonian doesn't deliver that much nor do people buy that much bread. Those rolls of dog shit bags come in a pack that works out to be like a penny each. I use produce bags mostly but they're handy for when those run out.
They would've carried it all the way to the nearest garbage can, but... yuck, it's poop!
You must live in one of those "nice" neighborhoods that doesn't have tents, garbage, dirty needles and HUMAN poop all around the bus shelters
@anonymous, for 2 years now I have watched you everyday as you pick up the 2 special blue poop bags that I use to contain my daily constitution, (I am a firm believer in getting my daily recommended fiber intake so one bag is not enough), hold them to your nose, and inhale deeply. These years have been the happiest of my life as I thought that I had finally found someone who shared my lifelong fantasies. I always thought you knew that the waste within was human, and now learning that you thought it was canine has made it nearly impossible for me to maintain an erection as I masturbate while watching you smell my poop. Please just leave the bags on the ground for someone else to pick up, you've ruined it forever.
Surveillance works for these issues.
The dog poop bags are actually biodegradable at some point. Sometimes I drop the bag when I'm on a long walk, intending to pick it back up on my way back, but then I may see another dog walker who catches my fancy and I'm off on a different course, so then I forget to come pick up the bag I dropped, though I will the next day, unless you pick it up for me.
You ever play Myst? The two bags are a puzzle, and it's up to you to solve it!
Uh oh. I have been so delighted to have repeatedly found thoughfully packaged brownie batter at the bus stop that I never stopped to wonder what was REALLY in those bags. I'm a big fan of the color blue and I just like to give people the benefit of the doubt, but now I see it's nothing but a bunch of disgusting turds and assholes who have absolutely no interest in how my baked goods turn out. Shit.
ATP I will never come to your bake sales again!

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