actually, it costs like $400 to register your car here, once they've gouged you for every little thing. can't say I blame anyone for forgoeing that process. sorry charlie.
You should be hoping they decide to head back to Cali just before their tags expire, shortsighted fool!
$24 + $48 + $77 = just under $150.
Just imagine how many of these devious Californians are secretly among us, riding bikes and not paying a damn cent to fix up the roads. That's the real evil.
Ho brah, but I just got here from Hawai'i. I promise I'll change my tags and register the car I paid like a grand to ship over to the mainland in like the next four years or so, mahalo...
IA said "Salt and Straw", mentioned "foodcarts" AND dissed a transplant. By my reckoning, that's three shots or bong hits for everyone under the IA game rules.
And don't forget to register your sex offenders.
Newbie envy is so basic.
Bike registration discussions relegated to the O please.
I don't see why this is such a big deal, but I'd wait till the last possible moment to do it.
Who the fuck made you the boss of when to register your car anyway?
Mind your own damn business.
I call weak sauce. As if this blog isn't already flooded with unoriginal newbie hating whiners. You're really scraping the bottom of the barrel complaining about people's registration stickers. Seriously, get a life.
You like driving in Oregon? Then pay to get your car registered. Period.
The law is 30 days btw, after you become a resident.…
What gets me is seeing these vehicles with outta state plates (let's not forget to hate on Minnesota and Wisconsin) with a neighborhood parking permit pasted on their windows, like why wouldn't the permit issuers check that shit out? Why are they approving permits for cars that aren't registered in Oregon? Presumably those drivers are living here.

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