Anonymous Feb 24, 2016 at 9:36 pm


What's weird is that right out of the gate I would bet most of us were rooting for you. That is, of course, until it turns out that the driver did indeed let you on the bus. Two sides to every story, buddy. Why bitch about it when you actually got on the fucking bus? Man, what a sore fucking loser. And I hate christianity too, by the way, but it's a non issue. You have got yourself a case of impotent rage. Believe me, what christian folks say can get me all riled up too but you raised such a big question mark with your strange rant that we all have to wonder if you are one the aforementioned homeless who loves to bitch about shit on I,A. Dude, it's some tired ass shit if that's the case.
Two sides to every story it's true. On one hand the passenger (homeless or not) was just trying to catch a bus. On the other hand the driver was probably overworked and just trying to get his empty ass bus to the depot and get off a long shift. I agree with ATP that the passenger seriously has rage issues. But if it's true that the bus driver didn't apologize and instead pulled the Christian card, that makes the driver and A list asshole. That is all.

By the way I'm pretty sure Jesus was homeless.
I don't trust any story in which one side "mumbled some shit".

That "shit" might've been an apology that I,A didn't want to hear because it's more fun to be mad than forgive.
what kind of idiot is allergictopleasure anyway?
i must not comprehend well either. where's the rager part of the rant?
all the parties i go to are real ragers.
homeless aren't allowed to bitch on the internet. that's right.
what's next, they have the same rights as gay people?
These buses have to follow a schedule. Empty or not.

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