YES, you luuuuuuuuuv Portland. You even bought the sticker of the outline of the state of Oregon with the little green heart over Portland and slapped it on your rear windshield! You can't stop talking about Portland. It's so hip! And kooky! And so much cheaper than California! And blah blah Salt & Straw blah blah blah food carts blah blah beer and coffee blah blah blah. But see, here's the thing: That window sticker doesn't do us any good here. Nor do your fricking California license plates. If you "love" PDX so much, do us a favor: GET YOUR CAR REGISTERED. Our community could use the measly 100 tax dollars you're too cheap and selfish to spend on this place you claim to love so much. How 'bout helping us pay for the increased road maintenance, policing, firefighters, and other state and city services that we find ourselves needing to handle the influx of people like you? Register your damn car.—Anonymous