You ever see people when they dance at a concert or live music show? Eyes closed, so engulfed in this somatic experience that the music takes them to far away places. They've already stopped paying attention to the musicians and what they're doing, and suddenly it becomes more about how they're dancing, how good they look, or how good of a dancer they are. All I have to say is if you don't dance like that by yourself when no one is watching, you're doing it for show and the attention. I came to watch these musicians, not watch you dance in circles, making yourself feel good, basically watching you get yourself off from your hard day at work so you can let loose. You know you like the attention. What is this, dancing with the stars? Alright, once I became drunk enough, it became entertaining. Is that what it takes? You're on something to let yourself go like that? It's still not about you. But I guess you need the attention at all times stealing some spotlight. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure the musicians appreciated the dancing. And don't get me wrong. I'm kind of all for it too. The more people dance and feel good, the better the vibe. Just some people, it's all about them. Look at me. Look at me. It's that I can't stand. I guess it's impossible to have any pleasant experience at any show or concert anymore without someone doing something annoying.