Next time you ride the elevator, pay attention to the elevator rather than your dumb phone. Next time you take your time getting to the elevator, because you're looking at your phone, and you make us hold the doors open for you, I'm gonna push every level on the way down, while you're still paying attention to your phone and not even caring where this freight is going. And btw, if a pretty girl, obviously who knows you says, "hey, how you doing," instead of only caring about yourself, which we already know this about you, maybe ask her back, "how she's doing," rather than just saying you're going to lunch.
When you got both your thumbs in super action on your phone, and you're behind the wheel, and stuck in the crosswalk because you just couldn't fit in, please stop thumbing and get off your phone. Next time I will dump my coffee on your car and claim I didn't see you.