Attendance. That's right. Not always by a child's choice either. Some parents think it's a good idea to take their kid to Disneyland during the school year (not during school breaks), but never teach during the vacation. What happens is, the student comes back to class, forgetting what they learned shortly before they left for Disneyland and now the Teacher has to dedicate time, away from the lesson, to pick their entitled ass up so they don't fall behind the rest of the class. This is bullshit! No respect for a Teachers time. Do you fucking Retards have any idea of how much a Teacher works? Let alone, change their game plan to support your child who just came back from a cotton candy vacation? When a Teacher needs to give kids special attention because of tardiness the other students who show up each day suffer. The learning process is delayed all because Mommy and Daddy wanted to save a $100 and have shorter lines at fucking Disneyland. Why is Oregon ranked 35 out of 50 states in education? Here's one reason. Portland parents are children who had kids too young and don't respect education or a Teacher / Coaches time. Not going to Private school. Don't believe in bullshit Christianity. Looks like home school is the only option for us. I'm hoping more Transplants arrive soon. If the Dumbshits don't understand how good they have it, buy 'em out!