I worked for years to make your dreams come true, most of them were mine when we started. After years working to get a semblance of my life back together, a few pieces of what I did actually work for, you shut me out. Out of my creation. The Jazz lounge, the 'roaming impermanence counselor,' Creativity is Spirituality? is there anything in what you created that didn't come from my influence? Some of it is actually documented. There is very little about what you have created that wasn't my idea. You would have still been a typical hillsongs fan.
Now, you've perfected your narrative, written me and everyone who helped you get there right out of it. I fought the truth for years, but you are that kind of person. You use people, love them, care for them, but only as far as you can use them for your own gain, and then watch them wither from afar. You are the Trump of your klan. You will use any and every half truth, and distort it for your personal enrichment. You are the Sorrel Hill Charlatan.