You people who think there is an answer to the homeless problem, please shut up. you people who think there is an easy solution, why hasn't it happened? why haven't you been making it happen. Alot of homeless don't want help. They don't want rules. They don't want to be confined. One special person, whatever logic there is for this person, can be given a special privilege to sleep in an unsupervised building, then continue to get drunk and be hostile towards staff. This person stayed in a hotel a few nights paid by the staff, showed promise of turning their life around, but continues to succumb to the way of life THEY ARE CHOOSING. Yet the people of this building continue to show compassion and care for this person, even seeking out detox regiments. There is no easy solution. There is no optimistic and hopeful fix of just blindly saying lets form a homeless camp in an abandoned building, or field, or property, or neighborhood. All of which, btw, stills makes them homeless. They just have shelter, which btw, there are plenty of those that these people refuse to go to. You see, if the person doesn't embrace the change they want to see, or even try to attempt anything for a different life, whether it be getting clean, getting housing, god forbid getting a job instead of always thinking some organization will do it for me, it will never happen no matter how much help or resources are out there. Wapato was a stupid idea. There's supposed to be no stupid ideas, but that was one.