I am getting a cable hook up, cheap deal for three months. I held out long enough. I am needing a bigger screen because I wear strong glasses. The men look like graduated undertakers. I laugh, but it is not funny. I hate their,suits,ties,hair-they are lacking of any sense of style. the Gop Goons

I know how Bernie Sanders is going to be president. He uses salt spray on his har. It gives his thinning locks,texture. Like right off the beaches. He wears the same drab suits, but he wears it well for a crazy guy. He is going to wait until HC gets the boot ( more e-mail crap) and alot of us don't like her. Bernie will then be the candidate. I think he would meekly let Trump look like a slobbering racist bigot. I want to be an expatriate, I want to go to Canada. I hope Bernie wins for all you good people like Americans and then I won't go.