To all the Right-wing ding-bats who lament over and over and over again about how Portland/Oregon is a Liberal/Democratic "failure," I ask you: If it's so horrible here, then why the fuck is everyone moving here? If the economy is so bad, if jobs are gone, if "gub'ment" over-regulation is so out of control, then why is there an influx of people moving here from all over the country? Why is our housing market booming?

Goddamn, I get so sick and tired of these Lars Larson/Rush Limbaugh/Trump supporters/OregonLive commenters spewing out their fact-less talking points. Look around you, idiots and you'll see that people are moving here for a reason: Because it's good here. It's a great place to start a small business (Right-wingers always say Liberals hate small business), enjoy our well-protected public lands and meet friendly people who, as a whole, are seemingly educated/intelligent enough to vote Democrat.

If you Right-wing nut-jobs don't like it here: MOVE. LEAVE. VAMOOSE! Pack your bags and ya'll head on over to some Southern state and quit yer complaining. Go on: GIT!