i'm newly single and have a few things to say about this new batch of people i've encountered.

one: i'm not going to change for you. accept me for who I am.
two: don't eat meat in front of me. in fact, try quitting because if we happen to click, i will demand that of you.
three: a woman loves to be pursued, so put in some effort.
four: buy me drinks. at least on our first couple of dates. I want to know that you are interested and you can show that buy spending a tiny bit of your money on me. it's not that big of a deal.
five: don't question my ethics or beliefs. i know who i am and what i believe and i wear my heart on my sleeve. you'll learn more as time goes on IF you're lucky enough. you on the other hand, being a man, i will have to prod and pry emotion/feelings out of you. it's just a fact.
six: i like to date more than one person at a time; competition for my attention/affection is fierce. fight like you mean it.
7. be a feminist. i'll teach you how.
8. acknowledge and then keep your privilege in check. better yet, let it go.
9. try to not have a "i'll teach you" attitude. just listen without always having to give advice.

men in this city seem to need a little instruction and reassurance. i'm sure the initial reaction to this post will be anger and name-calling, that is to be expected. but, there might be that one guy who takes this advice to heart and in the end, he will be better for it.