I was on my way to pick up my nephew off Thiessen Rd. in Milwaukie. Out of nowhere you come to a stop behind me. You road my ass all the way to Oatfield Rd. Your black piece of shit car kept trying to hit me in the rear end. You were trying to keep your crappy car running, and you are so lucky no police were around. I hope you were caught on the traffic cam-My nephew is just a 16 pound little baby. A baby, you are not funny or scary. You are a gang want to be. UGH, just Ugh. Be on notice, I may not have gotten your plate number, but I will never forget your piece of shit car. I will see you again, if it is the last thing I do, next time: I will get out,open your door and scare the living shit out of you. I mean it, I really am not joking. Are you so doped up this early in the morning you have no sense of right and wrong? I hate,hate, you. See you around, I'm sure your car can't leave the neighborhood because you can't even keep it running you PUNK ASS Meth addict.