I want trump to win the nomination. I really do. The republicans deserve a real look in the mirror. An honest look at the Fox News crowd, who those people that watch O'Reilly Factor every night, making him the '#1 cable news show' really are. What flames did you think you were fanning?
Trump got the endorsement of Michael Savage. Go take a look at the video that got him kicked off MSNBC... Telling piece of television, considering where we are now. Forget the klan, and David Duke, the Donald's best and most valuable endorsement are Alex Jones, Ted Nugent, and Kid Rock. Those guys have real fans, like 'em or not.
Yeah, yeah, he has actual political endorsement; Christie, Brewer, Sessions. His value is the volume. The loudest voices, no matter their goals, get heard.
Vote Trump. You've earned it. Maybe we'll stop lying to ourselves about what this place is really about.
His voicemail got hacked by Anonymous. The Scarborough bit is beautiful: 'No, no, the people who really matter, they Loved your performance.' Check the mic bud, just a little tap next time.