When I pulled up to the parking lot at the Multnomah county library on 122nd and stark I parked my car in the back facing midland park a small city park in the middle of a residential neighborhood next to a public library. Directly in front of me I can count over 20 tents and homeless shelters. This isn't to expose them or ask that anyone remove them. I'm completely disgusted by this city and its lack of care or effort to help these people. Sure there's a housing crisis. It's the city of portlands fault and how they have choosen to look the other way as they allowed greed and corruption to take over this once unique beatiful city. These people are not just drug addicts and people with mental issues. These are human beings that could once afford to live in a city that didn't push people out by creating rent to high for anyone but the rich and well to do. These people once had places and lived normal existences. As the city continues to just allow this and all you assholes from places like California who would rather buy a new bmw than lift a finger to help anyone in need to destroy a city rich with art and culture. I'm disgusted and ashamed to say this is the city I was born and raised in. To all you newcomers who laugh about our gripe your day to shall come when all the starving homeless people you've been destroying steal your bmw's and eventually your neighborhoods. Id rather see this city burn down than become another mindless destruction of the locust state of California.