Just wanted to say thanks to the folks who tried to save Ivy Island. I've passed over that place innumerable times over the years while out for walks or rushing to that bus stop by the gun shop. It's rather sad that one of the neighborhood's landmarks is going to be demolished to appease a bunch of idiots hellbent on turning St. Johns into the bastard spawn of NW 23rd and the Pearl District.

To the idiots behind Ivy Island's forthcoming doom: I hope you damned morons are real proud of yourselves. We all know that this is tied to the upcoming monstrosity that's going to be built right across from where the island now is. Our little landmark is going to be an extension of it. Why you couldn't leave well enough alone, we'll never know. I hope the pride you're feeling right now fades when you see the traffic nightmare our area is going to be stuck with for the next year to 18 months.