I just saw a photo of Paul McCartney on the beach, his withered old body basking in the sun. Zooming in as I normally do, I realized that his withered old body was way better than my flabby young body. How on earth can this old man have a better body than me? I mean, his body isn't great by anyone's standards, but it's helluva lot better than mine.

I recently also saw photos of Pierce Brosnan at the beach and felt a tinge of schadenfreude knowing that we all age, even James Bond. Then, once I again zoomed in, I realized that even with his big fat belly and falling face, he still looks a damn sight better than me.

Could it be that these people (celebrities) have lived a life of relative luxury and therefore, even at their ripe old age, they'll look a bit better than, say, the average coal miner? Maybe. All I know is that I might need to lay off the greasy and fatty foods for a spell, even though they are mighty delicious. Maybe I should also start jogging again, or at least doing a pull-up here and there. Damn, this shit is hard.

Fuck it, I'm think I'm OK with Paul and Pierce looking better than me... who really cares anyway? Not me.