So, you're at the bar with your "friend". She's had four cocktails, two glasses of wine and a hit of Ecstasy. You rightly think it's a good idea to get her out of the bar and back home. You wrongly decide to call for an Uber, drop her in the backseat and say, "Please make sure she gets in her house okay!", while you go back to the party. Are you not at all concerned about putting your dear, sweet, completely-fucked-out-of-her-mind friend in a strangers car and having this unknown driver escort her to an empty home ALONE? Lucky for your friend, I'm a decent, female driver, but what if I wasn't? Please be a real friend and spend a little extra money to make sure your bestie gets home safe and unmolested! You'll be spending more like $200 anyway when your pal pukes all over my fresh ride.