Anonymous Mar 15, 2016 at 8:46 am


When life gives you the Oregon Coast, Get a hood and some gloves and booties.…
If you don't feel the need to vote, I don't care one iota about your silly problems. You are not a unique snowflake.
it takes balls and tits big as ever to hang in this crowd.
You at least have two moms. You have a whole lot more than most people, but I stop here to ponder why I am trying to cheer you up. It does kind of suck, but the sex part is important. You are sick of sex because you are too tired. So many people I know brag how sexy they are, but it is only in their dreams. Be glad you gave up trying to impress, your rant was dull but honest. You should run for Portland Mayor. And you thought the President's race is a shit show. If Trump took a sun bath, he would look like a harpooned whale. Oh, nooo, don't pick on people with girth Candy,that is not politically correct. Fuck that too!
I have heard that picking up a new hobby is great for battling depression. May I suggest a writing class?
Please do us all a favor and do die alone. The fewer opinionated non-voters the better. If the only way you care to express your opinion is in a benign medium like I, Anon, well, I guess nobody will miss you. Way to stick it to the man, by the way. You are the author of your own impotence.

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