I WAS THE ONE who clipped their fingernails in the conference room. I let my nail clippings fly all over the table and chairs, and at our next meeting, I feigned outrage and disgust like the rest of you. It is also me who leaves a little streak of blood on the toilet seat, but I only do this once a month, if you catch my drift. Oh sure, I see the streak when it's made, but I leave it there while a smile starts to grow on my face.

Our office is big and crowded, which I hate. I hate the small talk, I hate the politics, the ass-kissing, the egos, the smell... and all of you. For me to keep what little sanity I have left, for me to hold onto what little hope I have for the human race, I must take it out on all of you.

So I will continue to take what little pleasures I can. I know, I know, it's quite juvenile to do such things, but whaddya gonna do? —Anonymous