The papers on your desk are in complete 90 degree, straight, and equidistant lines and order. Yet your chair, and desk is covered with power bar crumbs. They've been there for days.
You really see the fierce competitiveness and attitude of people at open houses. "We're really, really interested." "We're going to apply first thing in the morning." Fuck, I was just trying to be friendly and comical. Even if you fuck our host, the application will still be first come, first served, based on qualifications and rental history. I'm going to start going just to annoy people.
"It's nothing personal." It's always personal.
Why say sleep on it? There's no sleep going on once you start thinking.
Homeless don't want a home. Come on now. You think they can handle that responsibility.
How can you get a home without a job? Would you rather be homeless or jobless? I'd rather be homeless. I might be able to sleep at my job.
Please get a 2nd opinion wearing your hipster pants.
"I never seen a penny of it!" Please if you saw a penny, would you shut up!
You've been eating MickeyD's every day. It's been my mission to observe this. Careful, you're chin is growing every day. I like you too.
Every single one of these construction guys I see drilling, or cutting concrete, in a cloud of dust, has no particle mask on. This one dude's jumping around in a dumpster pile of drywall.
I fake cough or sneeze into my forearm because I hate people.