Ive seen these social media rants. Heres where I draw the line. When posts are about your depression and how youve been depressed since you can remember. Is that like youve been singing since you were a little girl? You describe your mental illness and suicide attempts. i mean you did figure out how to create a profile and navigate posting pictures and stuff. I mean you dont post once a month, week or day, but multiple times a day. I mean while it may be all true and quite severe, can you see how being so candid about this stuff could be seen as weird and fake? If you belong to a group fan club, consider leaving or never joining. I mean we're all here because we love his songs and were his biggest fans. its music community, and like family, but, I mean all this love and kindness feels so contrived and forced. Unless, we're wearing the same shirt in public showing our devotion, we wouldnt know one another, wouldnt care, and could be an ass towards one another. where I draw the line is all this love and support for someone our hero made famous in a story and song. I mean you dont even know the guy but youd let him walk on you across a gap in the road. I mean good for our hero's and friend's relationship, and for our hero bringing this stranger to stardom and our infatuation. when you talk about him as he is your friend and reference a story like youre best buds, and have experienced it with them, it is weird. Just fake. Social media has made us all special heroes. it's stupid