I’m tired of the relentless Occupy-style tactics and just plain stupid social media campaigns.

Some of you bought or rented houses in an industrial zone by a railroad yard and a major road with diesel trucks without doing due diligence.

And now everything is someone else’s fault but your own.

Are your randomly occurring health problems the fault of industry when the Oregon Health Authority says they are not based on actual tests? And all the amateur chemistry and law discussions are laughable.

Why are you so intent on being a victim of a vast conspiracy by medical professionals and scientists?

You are demanding unnecessary medical tests. Of course your natural doctor would love to be paid for ordering them! And when they come back safe, well that's another conspiracy.

If other people have a different opinion, based on science, well they are wrong and it's unfair they are expressing their opinion.

And some fancy Ladd’s Addition individuals at a distance think they can make bank on a class action lawsuit. “Completely replace all my soil with pure dirt, pay me for self-created psychological distress and pay all my future medical bills for random unrelated maladies”. If your house is now worth less, it’s your own fault for creating a false hysteria.