This must be said. All you people in your yards, porches, driveways, why must you stare as I walk by? I can 100% of the time predict when a stare is coming on right as I walk by. Sweaty fat man cutting his wood=staring as I walk by. So I say, "what you making," as if I give a shit. Fat man smoking his cigarette in driveway=staring as I walk by. Two bros jumping on their trampoline in their yard=staring as I walk by. So I say, "where's the babes?" You people are just creepy. Stop staring! Or at least say hi. Or at least wave. Or at least nod. Be friendly you fucks, instead of staring.
What's even more creepy is these people that just sit in the car, eating lunch, or waiting for whatever. Do something to occupy your dumb mind. You think you are hidden in your car? You think we can't see you?
Yo homeslice at the cash register. Adjust your attitude dog. I'm just the type of person that will fill out that online survey asking, "how are we doing?"
Fuck this lunch, man. What the fuck is this shit? 8 bucks for this? Less and less food and you keep jacking up the price. You'd think we'd get more food for you jacking up the price, but no, you jack up the price then give less food.
I busted out my fans today too.
I sat around in my panties too before going on this stroll. Just so you horndogs know.