Thanks to those who care about others as though they were also fellow humans. Thank you to those who give as much as they take or even give a little extra when they can. Thank you to those without who still help without expectations. Thank you to those of you who make me proud to be a human. l love you all, those who make the world a little brighter. For someone like me who has been stuck in the dark side of the world for most of my life you people are an enigma but one that I wouldn't trade for anything. This forum is full of whiny bitching about minor shit, which while occasionally entertaining fails to see any goodness in the world, so here is my thank you to all the good ones, and I suppose some assholes who think this applies to them as well because part of being an asshole is a lack of self awareness and shame, so enjoy the undeserved gratitude because you already are. And to those that treat your fellow humans as humans, Thank you so much, it's the decent people that make the world worth a shit and I don't hear much acknowledgement of the difference you make in the lives of others. Thank you for making My world a little brighter when we cross paths, and fuck those that darken it by being negative, selfish, or full of complaints about others, politeness and courtesy will get you farther than being a dickhead who thinks they own the city.

Thanks for being better than the rest.