I don't get Walmart shoppers. I get people looking for deals and bargains. I'm also totally the person, I don't care where I get it from or how I do it, as long as its cost effective and makes sense. But I just don't get Walmart. The times I've been in there I fail to see what's so special or even cheaper.
I don't get Mumford and Sons. I didn't get Peter, Paul, and Mary, or the Mamas and Papas, and I never will get it.
I don't get husbands or wives talking about their kids that they made together as, "my kid."
I don't get my neighbors kid who I must see at least a couple times a day, sitting on his porch, head down, I'm guessing looking at a phone. He's picked up smoking now. He never does yardwork to help his family out. He never leaves the house because I only see him on the porch, while his sister, Uncle, and Mom, go to school, do the yardwork, or go to work.
I don't get trying to give away a free day pass to people in downtown, and not being successful. These are not "Portland" people btw. These are just normal, unfriendly, stuck up humans.
There's more I don't get, and I'll get back to you.