I am the keeper of your secrets, I am the key holder of the bathroom, I am the back pack guardian, I am the big bill breaking change maker. You are the sleeze ball, you are the married closet glory hole abuser, you are the meth head with more money in your condom coin purse than I have in my entire checking and savings account.
I wait on you hand and foot, every five minutes you need the bathroom key, you need something out of your bag, you need a hundred dollar bill broken at ten in the morning.
I accommodate, I do so with a stupid smile on my face. I use the smile to hide my disgust for you. I am not disgusted by your kinks or fetishes. I am disgusted by your inability to tip for the services I provide. Yes you are degenerate, yes you are a freak. That in itself does not make you a bad person, but you abuse my generosity, you abuse the fact that I'm a diligent employee, you take me for granted and you don't tip...ever...and that makes you a bad person. I protect your personal belongings, I give you access to a room where you can comfortably take a shit in peace, I break your twenty dollar bill so you can have an orgasm on the cheap...and you can't kick me down a dollar?!? We porn clerks barely make enough to survive, day in and day out we put up with your motherfucking neediness. So please for the love of all things perverted, tip your fucking porn clerk.