It was quite the trip! I begged my minion husband to let me go, it was such a glorious trip in the spirit. I love conferences, and large scale events, but a leadership conference?
Excuse me, but I know how to lead.
I went for the company, if you know what I mean... I was looking for a bit more from my spiritual experiences, a bit more dancing, a bit more flesh to keep my urges fresh.

But then, Ugh. There were so many meetings, not enough mingling, and the hotels were so far from the venue. There was literally nowhere to hide with my new 'boo.' When me and Rhymes with Salad, finally found a spot, Fuck. All these little nobody do-gooders, wanted to talk, and share, and show off their bible chops- Come on! I came here to get away, and quake, and shake my socks off.

Finally, On the ride home, we got the time and space we wanted. The bus was full of smelly old people, and eager young christian types, but we found a way... Oh we found a way. After some lip smacking, and booby groping, our fellow passengers found seats with a safe viewing distance.

My one regret, is the stains we left in my husband's new beetle. On the ride from the bus station to our house. Dropping Rhymes with Salad off was a bit awkward... When I wet the Quaker's Needle, We left stains in the new beetle...