I am not from Oregon, but live here. I have seen the shore, Astoria and Seaside. I have been to Mt. Hood and surrounding little towns. Is there a place I can visit for two nights, reasonable rates, along a river view? I have three elderly family members that have various ailments that make hiking,surfing,climbing fire towers out of the question. All I want for them is to have the most wonderful two days and nights, watching the river go by. I am afraid I will get into some scam that rent to unknowing innocent people like my self. I forgot to mention, they have a quiet dog, that will be with us at all times. He is a older Pup, and I just would love to see him enjoy maybe his last trip. Just a chance to relax and see nature w/o being attacked by insects, wild animals and Meth heads. I hope you respond so I can make a reservation by friday. PS, B&B will not work.

I forgot to thank you in advance, a list of places is all I need.