To the crunchy asshole who went out of her way to pull up to me in her CA licensed plates, fuck you. I didn't need your dog advice as I yelled at my dog who's leash had just broken and was having a wonderful time in my neighbors compost and not listening to her owner. The dog is well loved and isn't abused and you don't know me. But since you decided to butt in and had no knowledge of what had happened, I'm so glad I got to go off on you a multitude of times to mind your own business and to blow me. The dog wasn't listening and I raised my voice. Fuck you, it's my life. You weren't aroundand then you saw an opportunity to butt in and took it like one of those annoying OSPIRG canvassers. Please hop into your jalopy of a truck and move the FUCK OUT of here and take your vomit inducing "child", and opinions with you.