Everybody hates him, but more than half the people intend to vote for him. Is Hilarity, really such a bad alternative? At least Bill can always slide into the pilot's seat if she faints in the cotpit or actually ends up in prison. Or would the Vice President have to take over in a case like that? Who will run as her running mate; Joe Biden, again? Republican voters are fed up with Neocon warmongers, but odds are, that the Party is going to sideline Trump and Speaker, Paul Ryan, will be the Republican candidate. Bernie Sanders is cute, but you don't fuck with the Clintons. He'll be ground down, soon, enough, but the point is that Sanders and Trump, while not the most charismatic archetypes, they say the things that the people's itching ears want to hear. What incumbent, main stream politicians have lost the knack for, is the habit of making false promises which inevitably must be broken. Instead, they talk about boring shit that has nothing to do with anything substantive, at all. The media informs the audience that this is good, as if people will buy that, because they hear it on TV, but no. Instead, people are so genuinely pissed off at the incumbents, they for the most part intend to vote for Trump, even though they'd like to punch him just for being such an over stuffed, wind bag. Maybe, if you were to find somebody who you think would make a good president, others might think so, too. Perhaps this individual might be persuaded to run for the office? Who?