It was nice meeting you at the cafe. But do you have to keep pelting me with personal questions even after I show you I'm not interested in the conversation by putting on my headphones? "Where are you from? How long have you been in Portland? What school did you go to?" A few quick and easy questions are fine. I can be sociable. "Any brothers or sisters? Were you in the Corps?" Jesus Christopher! Look, I just want to drink my flat white, listen to some indy folk music, and escape this dystopia via the interwebs. Yeah, I'm not one of those extroverts. So can you give it a rest? If you weren't such a sweet ol granny I probably would have stormed right out when you inquired about my farmer's market teeshirt. This goes for all you chatty kathys out there. If anyone seems busy shhhhh yourself. Just give it a rest unless you're a reasonably goodlooking young woman with no extra baggage trying to ask me out! That is all for now!