Kalah Allen

YOU KNOW WHAT I LIKE TO DO? I like to respond to Craigslist "for sale" ads with critiques of the items listed. This one guy was selling "mid-century side tables" that, in fact, were not mid-century. I would place the items as '80s vintage, and I wrote to tell him this. I included examples of what mid-century items were. These people whom I correct always respond with attitude. I also like to inquire about cars for sale; I'll ask a series of mundane questions and, when they're answered, I'll ask a series of clarifying questions. I have no intention of buying a car. When in grocery stores, I'll order, say, one pound of ground chicken. Most people don't care if it's an ounce one way or the other, but I do. I want my order to be exact and I make sure the employee does just that. Sometimes, after a series of scoops to adjust the weight according to my request, I'll either cancel the order or say, "Oh never mind, make it two pounds instead." I love seeing the frustration in their eyes, and I love how they can't do anything about it. I also like my groceries bagged in a certain way, but I won't tell the person until the bag is half full. Then I'll demand that they re-bag it accordingly.—Anonymous