I saw two dead squirrels today. It really breaks my heart. One of them was completely flattened to where you could see the skeletal features of the rib cage. The other one was completely in tact, almost like it was a taxidermy of a squirrel. It was laying on its back in the grass, hands up in the air.

When you people leave your car doors unlocked, or your cars running and your doors unlocked, are you that trusting and naïve, or just super, duper, super, duper stupid? To top that shit off, sometimes, you'll leave a baby in the car, or a dog, then crack the window or leave the AC running, thinking that's a good idea? In this case, you leave the AC running, with the doors unlocked, and someone steals your car, and you are shocked?

Now, the news is covering your heartbreak story and glorifying your complete neglect and stupidity because your car was found with your dog dead inside of it because you are such a victim of car theft here.

You left your car running, and doors unlocked, all the while at a "dispensary," and this car thief is responsible or may be charged with animal endangerment, or whatever they were calling it?

I first took it as this was another story glorying a victim's loss and trying to gain empathy for them. The truth is they pointed what stupid mistake you made, and also pointed out where you did it, and what it could mean about marijuana. They just didn't say it that way.

I hope you live with this forever.