My goal in recent years has been to get something to go viral, but I've failed miserably. My father died two years ago and I posted a photo of my holding his hand with the caption "the last time a father holds his child's hand." Nothing. I barely got any hits. Whenever a relationship of mine fails, I've posted photos of my tears with the caption "a broken heart... " and again, NOTHING.

The other day, I saw an elderly lady walking with some groceries, so I pulled over, grabbed my selfie stick and assisted her while filming. I asked questions about her life and she thanked me profusely. I thought this one was it! So, I posted it and as of this writing, it has 12 views. :(

Sometimes I'll eat dinner alone (I'm currently single) and I'll sit at the table in a darkened room with only a single candle lit. I'll try to look sad and lonely, and I'll make sure the candlelight reflects on the bottle of wine... post it and, you guessed it: NOTHING. Hardly any views. I got in a fender bender and posted a photo of the dent with my lamenting how poor I am (I'm really not) and how life sucks and "why did this have to happen to me?" Nada... AGAIN.

I'm attending a "how to take a selfie" course next month in the hopes that this might improve my chances of getting something to go viral. I really don't know what I'm doing wrong.