3 years ago you moved here from the midwest. You moved here hellbent on becoming a true portlander. I watched you transform from a semi normal looking guy to full on hipstar chode in a matter of months. First it was carabiner key chain, then the wayfarer reading glasses,
Don't get me wrong, fly your freak flag if you will, but at least put some fucking thought into it!
Example: one entire sleeve is devoted to exotic aquatic life. When you showed it to me, I was reminded of how you've only been to the ocean a handful of times(the Oregon coast, not the tropics). Never once actually going in the water anyway!!!! You said you found the pictures in an old national geographic. Cool man. (I think farming equipment would have been a better choice seeing as to that's what you did for 12 years prior to here but what do I know?).
Your other sleeve is devoted to portraits,mass produced flash work, and bad poems. All hastily slapped together in a matter of months. It's a mess.
Ears gauged, neck tat started, jean vest, talks of a motorcycle Etc. you fucking cookie cutter transplant hipstar puke. Just add pbr and watch this culture grow!
You think your such a unique alternative mystery guy! Well at least you finally got your blend in costume, keep adding to it.